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I can't conduct viewings at the moment, what can I do?

We would recommend updating all of your listings to include video tours, this will allow home hunters to see around the property without having to leave their own home.

We recommend using an embedded link to do this using Vimeo or Youtube so they embed on all platforms, other providers will not embed to the app. Once you have the link to your video, you can upload it to the Property Details page in two ways:

  • If you automatically upload your properties via your software or other data feed supplier, ask your supplier which field within your software should be used to upload video links. 
  • If you manually upload properties using Rightmove Plus, add your video link to a property under the Media tab in the Additional Media section. There is no limit to the number of videos per property.

Why do some properties say ‘Virtual Tour’ whilst others say ‘Video Tour’? 

Links that are guaranteed to be in video format have the label ‘Video Tour’. Links we cannot guarantee as a video format we will list as Virtual Tour. 

What are the differences between YouTube and Vimeo? 

Vimeo supports higher quality videos and does not place advertisements over the top of videos as YouTube can do. To keep the focus on your property listing and brand, we would recommend using Vimeo. The choice between the two is up to you as both video platforms are treated exactly the same on Rightmove. 

You can find a handy guide here.

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