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How do I add the new Online Viewing Features?

As well as the video tours you display on your property listings you can now send a separate video directly to interested applicants.

To do this login to Rightmove plus and go to your 'Property list' to activate the changes.

1. Spot it See at a glance which properties have the online viewing label

2. Add it Click the Online Viewing button to:
- Add video
- Activate the online viewing label
- Enable auto-response
- Send manual email

  1. Option 1 Use the online viewing label + option on the lead form on their own
  2. Option 2 Use the online viewing label + option on the lead form + share a Vimeo or YouTube video in your own branded page via email link

Please note: Vimeo and YouTube videos are sent to consumer’s directly by email and are not shown on your property listing.

Option 2 unlocks all these benefits:

Top Tip: Short-staffed? Use the auto-response to reply automatically to anyone who expresses an interest in online viewings. Then prioritise the leads that indicate an interest after viewing the video.

For more information on tracking your video interactions see 'How do I track video interactions'

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