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How do I make changes to my properties?

Do you use a software to load properties?

If you load your properties using a software provider (datafeed) you will need to update the property on your software and it will update your property on all portals that you advertise with.
If you have any questions around this software, please contact your provider directly.

Do you load your properties via Rightmove Plus?

If you load your properties manually through Rightmove Plus please make any changes to your properties through your property list. The below information will give you details on what you how to add a listing:

Where do you need to go in Rightmove Plus?

To add a property to Rightmove, you will need to log into Rightmove Plus and go to the "property list". You can find this in two places:

  1. Menu - Property Admin - Property List
  2. On the landing page - shortcuts - Property List

How do I add a Property in RM+?

Once on your property list click "Add a property" on the top righthand side. 

From here you will need to fill in all mandatory fields and press "save and continue" to move on to the next tab. There are three tabs to go through, "Basic Information", "Details" and "Media". 

Once you are happy with the listing and what they've added, you can "Save as not live & Preview" to see what it will look like when live. If everything is okay, they can set the status to "available" and "Save & make live".

This will then show in your property list on Rightmove Plus and can take up to an hour to show in the search results online. 

What are the mandatory fields?

Below are the mandatory fields that must be entered before the property can be saved/go live. If any are missed, these will be highlighted in red text. 

They all have * next to them to indicate they are mandatory fields 

  • Reference
  • Postcode
  • Display address
  • Price
  • Bedrooms (can be 0)
  • Property type
  • Summary description (300 character limit)
  • Full description (32,000 character limit)

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