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I’ve had a sale fall through on a property – I need it re-listed We're sorry to hear you've had a sale fall through. First, check your property qualifies for re-listing We can re-list your property if it h... I want one of my properties to go back out in the property alerts There are a few different reasons why we send properties out in the automatic email alerts. Property reductions If a property is reduced by 2% or more, th... How do I add a property in Rightmove Plus? We have an easy video guide for you here. Go to the column on the left-hand side of the page and select property list. This will display your full list... Tell me more about online viewings We have developed some ways to showcase your online viewings for home hunters. You can now: Showcase your listings with an orange 'Online viewing&... I am getting an error when trying to send Rightmove a property from my CRM, why? If you receive an error email from the Rightmove ADF Team then we have been unable to upload or update your property listing. The error message will detail... How do I make changes to my properties? Do you use a software to load properties? Do you load your properties via Rightmove Plus? Where do you need to go in Rightmove Plus? How do I add a P... I need help with my property images To make sure that images are shown in the best quality on both the mobile and desktop site you need to upload images in a ratio of 3:2 so that they fill the... Do I need to remove completed properties? Yes, all completed properties must be removed from marketing.  Home hunters tell us that it’s important for them to only see available properties in their ... Can I advertise a property on more than one branch at a time? Only the branch that has a signed marketing agreement can advertise the property on Rightmove.  Duplicating a property, either with one branch or across mu... Do I need to add my Redress & CMP details to Rightmove? Yes. It is mandatory for your Redress details and membership number to be displayed within your tenancy information section on Rightmove and shows you are c...
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