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How do I create and edit my patch in Rightmove Plus?

Some key things to note:

  • For each map area, we will show you the outcodes you are covering along with the percentage of your stock.
  • You can have one patch set as your default patch.
  • You can select which property types and price brackets are included in this.

Create a Patch/Edit a patch

The below will detail how you can create a new patch within Rightmove Plus:

  • Go to Rightmove Plus
  • You will start on the landing page - click 'Manage your patch and filters' in the top right hand corner
  • On the next page you will see a list of patches on your branch, you will see the below:
    • % of stock inside of your patch
    • Postcode sectors under that patch
    • On the left you will see if the page is you 'default'
  • At the top of the page click 'Add a Patch'
  • On the map you can either use the search bar to enter an outcode or select 'List' to enter multiple outcodes
  • Click 'Define your filters , on here you can edit the below:
    • Price Range
    • Property Type
    • Resale/New Build
  • Once happy with your filters, name your patch on the right hand side and click 'Save'

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