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How do I use the Best Price Guide?

From the landing page you can access the Best Price Guide from the shortcut option or through the menu bar.

The first thing you can do is search for the property you're going to value, we call this your 'subject property'. The most accurate way to do this is to start typing the full address rather than the postcode and to select from the drop down menu.

If the property has ever been on Rightmove you'll see it appear and get the option to confirm it's the property you're going to value. You can choose whether you want to include all of the information shown or just parts of it.

Now you need to select some comparable properties. You have various filters to choose from including

  • Radius around the property
  • Property type
  • Price
  • Bedrooms

You can choose whether you want to use properties that are currently on the market and whether you want to use properties from other agents.

Finally choose the time period you want to look back at, the default is 90 days.

Scrolling down the list of properties to include you'll see all the potential comaparables. On here we show:

  • The property description and street name
  • If it's currently advertised on Rightmove and it's status
  • The key features from it's most recent listing
  • Which agent marketed it and from which date
  • The sold price history
  • The lead photo 
  • The last or current price listed on Rightmove

You can also click the floorplan icon if there is one to see the image and print it to append to the report.

To include the property in your report, simply click 'Add to report'. Once you've done that you have a few options if you don't want to include all of the information.

If you prefer not to include the sold price history or key features just use the check boxes on the right.

If you no longer want to include the property just select 'Remove from report'.

Another feature you'll see at the bottom of every screen is your basket. This keeps a record of every listing you've added and allows you to easily remove a property by hitting the X symbol next to the listing.


You'll then be taken to your maps and graphs. If for any reason you don't want to include the map in your report you can exclude it here.

Next we have the 3 charts. Each one can be excluded using the check box if they don't back up the story you'd like to tell. Next to each chart there is a useful tip on how you might position this information with your vendor or landlord.

The first one shows the number of properties that match your criteria that have been newly listed and sold over the last 6 months.

The second chart shows the average asking price of properties in the last 6 months. As you can see in this example, it looks like something has gone wrong. This is because the criteria used for the search is quite narrow and there weren't actually any similar properties available in April. 

The third and final chart shows the demand on Rightmove for similar properties at similar price points. You can use this to show that pricing a property too highly will result in less demand.

You can edit the data behind your graphs without changing the data behind the whole report. You may find this useful if at any period of time there wasn't any properties that matched your criteria. 

With all these charts it's about using them to back up the story you want to tell. The valuation is yours to decide and the evidence is there to support your story.

Finally you have the option to include a personalised covering letter. You can add a personal message to the vendor thanking them for letting you value their property and reiterating your credentials.

Your report is now ready and you can either print it off, download it as a PDF or email it directly to the vendor. You can also choose if you want to receive a copy by email yourself.

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