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I’ve loaded a property and it’s not showing on Rightmove?

There are a few reasons why your property may not be showing on Rightmove, below are some tips to help you get your properties loaded.

I load my properties using a datafeed software

  • Is your property showing incorrectly or not at all on Rightmove, but showing as expected on other websites including your own?
    - If so please let us know so we can have a look at the data we are receiving
    - If not please contact your software provider as there's likely to be a problem sending the data to portals
  • Have you checked the error report in Rightmove plus? This will let you know if something is stopping the property coming through, once you make the necessary changes to the property it will show on Rightmove as expected.

I load my properties through Rightmove plus

  • Look out for any red warnings, there are some mandatory fields that you will need to fill in before you can upload the property

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