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How do I add the 'Online viewings' lozenge?

Over 130,000 listings are making use of our Online Viewing features. Are yours?

Step 1: From the Property List in Rightmove Plus

1. Spot it

See at a glance which properties have the Online Viewing label already. This adds an orange label to each of your listings to let applicants know that a video or online tour is available.

2. Add it

Click the Online Viewing button to:
• Add a video
• Activate the Online Viewing label
• Enable automatic sharing of your video with anyone that enquiries
• Send a manual email to the applicant with your video

Step 2: Choose your option for sharing Online Viewings

Option 1

Use the Online Viewing label + option on the lead form to allow applicants to request an online viewing.

Option 2

Use the Online Viewing label + option on the lead form + go one step further by setting up an auto-response that shares your video on its own branded page automatically when someone enquires.

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