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How does User Management work? We have launched User Management which is a self service tool with features on Rightmove Plus which means you can add, edit and remove users in near real ti... What is 'My Profile' on Rightmove Plus? We have launched a new tool on your Rightmove Plus account which helps you manage your permissions, it can be accessed by heading to the main menu and in th... What is two-factor authentication (2FA)? Two-factor authentication (sometimes called 2FA) is an added layer of security that we're introducing to some areas of Rightmove plus that contain perso... Will I have to use 2FA every time I login and access one of these reports? We’ll ask you for a 2FA passcode periodically or when something on your account looks unusual.  That keeps the fraudsters out and makes sure you have access... I update my properties via my agency software, will I be affected by 2FA? You should add and edit your properties as usual, through your agency software.   We do recommend that you speak to your agency software supplier about sec... How it will work when I access areas of Rightmove Plus that contain personal data? When you access Rightmove plus you will need to enter your login details and password as usual. If you then access one of the below, we will send you a one ... I don’t need to access reports with personal information, do I need to use 2FA? No, all other areas of Rightmove will be available through the normal log in flow. If you no longer need access to these areas of Rightmove plus please spe... I got a “this doesn’t look right” message when I typed in my passcode – what does that mean? It may mean that either: The passcode has expired There was an error or typo when you put in the code Try retyping the code and if that doesn’t work, r... I’ve received an email about setting up 2FA but I wasn’t trying to set it up/haven’t logged in to Rightmove Plus – what’s going on? Let us know immediately if you receive an email asking you to set up 2FA when you weren’t trying to login to Rightmove Plus or set up 2FA. Email us at cust... Does this mean that Rightmove has been hacked/compromised? No, fraudulent activity like this is not the result of our systems being compromised, but rather the result of phishing scams where someone has been tricked...
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