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What is 'My Profile' on Rightmove Plus?

We have launched a new tool on your Rightmove Plus account which helps you manage your permissions, it can be accessed by heading to the main menu and in the top left-hand corner, scroll down and you will see a 'NEW My Profile' tab.

When you click on to 'My Profile' you will be able to see your personal details, permissions and pending requests. You will be unable to edit your personal details unless you have admin permissions, if so you will be able to edit your personal details just not including your email address. If you would like to edit your email address please contact Customer Support. If you do not have admin permissions you can request them here by completing the form - https://hub.rightmove.co.uk/add-edit-and-remove-users-on-rightmove-plus/ or please contact your user admin for your branch who will be able to edit these for you. 

To view your permissions or request changes please click on 'Permissions'. Here you will be able to see a list of permissions currently available in this tool (if the permission you are wanting to request is not visible please contact Customer Support), you can then click on the permissions you would like to edit and once completed please click 'review change'. This will then take you to the final page, please review the permission changes request and if accurate please click 'request change'. 

Once you have submitted your permission request, this will be sent to your user admins for your branch. You can review your pending requests in the third tab and this will update once the request has been approved or declined, you will receive an alert once your request has been reviewed. 

Please see below a video on steps for requesting permission changes: 

If you have admin permissions on RM+ you will start to receive these permission requests via your Rightmove Plus account, in your User Management feature, you will have a 'requests' inbox in the right hand corner of the homepage. 

You will be notified when you receive these requests, please go in to User Management and click on the inbox and click on the tick or cross to accept or decline the permission request, the requester will then be notified. 

Please see below a video on steps for receiving permission change requests: 

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