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Does this mean that Rightmove has been hacked/compromised?

No, fraudulent activity like this is not the result of our systems being compromised, but rather the result of phishing scams where someone has been tricked into divulging their login credentials for: Rightmove Plus, their email inbox or another online account where they use the same password.  

All businesses today, including estate agency, are suffering from sustained phishing and other attacks designed to steal login information. And fraudsters are getting even more sophisticated.

In the first two months of 2021 alone, we know of six estate agents who have had their own email inboxes compromised, giving the fraudster access to their online accounts. At least one of those agents had to report themselves to the ICO.

Attackers have successfully gained control of agent’s email inboxes, listings and leads, and so we’re taking every technical step to protect agents and your customers from the very real threat of fraud.

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