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Can I change my own branch/development information? We have launched self-service for our independent estate and letting agency customers. We have given access to all branch decision makers with a secure em... I am new to Rightmove, where do I start? Firstly, welcome to Rightmove! Going Live on Rightmove Our team will be setting up your agency on Rightmove. On the day you go live you’ll receive a call f... How do I track video interactions? You can track your video interactions using the 'Lead report' in Rightmove plus. By the viewers: Filter to see leads with requests for online vie... How do I add a virtual tour? If you usually upload your listings to Rightmove using an automatic data feed Continue to upload Virtual Tours and videos to your properties using your dat... How do I add the 'Online viewings' lozenge? Over 130,000 listings are making use of our Online Viewing features. Are yours? Step 1: From the Property List in Rightmove Plus 1. Spot it See at a... I don’t have a domain name; what can I do? The best way to stay secure is for you to use your own personal company account to avoid the sharing of passwords or mail boxes. We are not able to add any ... How do I order Rightmove marketing materials? Please click here to order free marketing materials for your branch and team. We’ll do our best to post your order within 5 working days. How can I get hold of the Rightmove logo to use on my website / in my marketing? You can download our logo in various formats from this page.  You can also see a copy of our Rightmove brand guidelines here. I don't have the right permissions on RM+? On some Rightmove Plus pages you may encounter a page such as the below: This means that your log in credentials have not been set up with permiss... How does User Management work? We have launched User Management which is a self service tool with features on Rightmove Plus which means you can add, edit and remove users in near real ti...
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