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I don't have the right permissions on RM+?

On some Rightmove Plus pages you may encounter a page such as the below:

This means that your log in credentials have not been set up with permissions to access that page. If you would like to access additional page on RM+, then please use the Get in Touch button on the right and we can look into this for you. Please include the following:

1. Name of the person with the final say over your Rightmove membership
2. Full name of the person who needs a new account
3. Email address of the person who needs a new account
4. Company name
5. Branch or branches that the person needs to be able to access
6. Tasks that the person needs permission to carry out; including:

• Adding/editing properties to Rightmove – Yes/No (delete as appropriate)
• Applying products like Featured Property and Premium Listings – Yes/No (delete as appropriate)
• Accessing Lead Reports – Yes/No (delete as appropriate)
• Accessing Opportunity Manager (if your branch has access to this tool) – Yes/No (delete as appropriate)
• Updating your branch marketing details & managing Rightmove Plus users – Yes/No (delete as appropriate)

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