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Will I have to use 2FA every time I login and access one of these reports?

We’ll ask you for a 2FA passcode periodically or when something on your account looks unusual.  That keeps the fraudsters out and makes sure you have access to all the information you need. If you access areas of Rightmove Plus that don’t contain personal data, you won’t have to verify your identity with 2FA.

You might be asked to enter your 2FA passcode more often if:

•    You’re using a browser (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer) or a device (such as a tablet, new PC or mobile) that you’ve not logged in with before.


•    Your internet cookies have been deleted. We remember that you’ve logged on and verified using 2FA before by using “cookies” (small files saved on your browser). It may be that your computer is set to regularly clear cookies which will mean that you will have to go through this process again, each time the cookies are 

If your IT policy is set to clear cookies you may have to verify your identity more often.  Ask your IT provider to help you change your settings if you don’t want to have to verify using 2FA each time or email us at customersupport@rightmove.co.uk for help.

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