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What is Sold By Me?



The carousel style design that swipes left to right, makes it easy for sellers to engage with your sold stock while they’re on the search results page.

Think of it like:

The carousel features positioned at the bottom of retail websites that show “other things you might be interested in”, “previously viewed items” or similar content.



You choose the areas where you want to capture a potential vendor’s attention and we’ll display your Sold By Me when sellers are researching asking prices in the area.

 Think of it like:

The way our Featured Agent adverts are displayed on Rightmove.



When we know a seller’s address and it’s in your targeted area, we’ll show them your Sold By Me advert no matter where they’re searching to buy their next home. That means your advert is shown to the most relevant people who are most likely to become a vendor in your patch and you’re kept top of mind.

 Think of it like:

The way adverts repeatedly appear once you’ve looked at an item in an online shop



Automatically displays six to eight of your most recent Sold SSTC/ SSTCM and Under Offer properties, all with minimal effort from you. Not only that, it will show the most relevant property to that potential seller based on the properties closest to them or their maximum price

Think of it like:

A low-effort, intelligent digital version of a 20/20 campaign where you’d send leaflets showing your recently sold properties to homes on either side of the property you’ve just sold. Without the waste.


Is Sold By Me right for you?

Sold By Me is available exclusively as part of our new Optimiser 2020 package. Let us know what your plans are and your Rightmove Account Manager can work with you to see if Sold By Me is the best way to help you get ahead. We can look at our data insights to find the best areas to target.


Find out more about Sold By Me by speaking to your Rightmove Account Manager.

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