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What is a Premium Listing? A Premium Listing displays on Rightmove in the search results page and will enhance your property within the listings with a green banner underneath it. Yo... How do I add a Premium Listing? Here is a video to help you with Premium Listings. Download the below Premium Listing leaflets to add to your valuation packs. You can see a copy of th... What is a Featured Property? A featured Property displays on Rightmove at the top of the search results page, with a blue banner. Your property will also display again as a standard li... How do I add a Featured Property? Here is a video to help you add a Featured Property and you can also click here to watch our detailed training video on making the most of Featured Property... What is a Local Valuation Alert? A Local Valuation Alert is a tool that allows sellers to contact you for a valuation in a chosen area. Sellers can find this on a few parts of the website,... How Can I Amend my Banner Artwork? Your banner artwork is updated on Rightmove by our support team. If you would like us to use artwork already designed by yourself, please see our product s... What is a Local Homepage? A Local Homepage is an advertising banner space that shows first when you do a search on Rightmove. These are purchased by ‘search term’ and are exclusive ... What is a Featured Agent? A Featured Agent is an advertising banner space that shows within the listing results page between properties. These are purchased by ‘search term’ and can... What is an Agent Microsite? A Microsite is a brand enhancing mini website about your business that is accessed from the Find Agents search. The Microsite is a dedicated place to promo... What is a Property Alert Sponsor? Property Alert Sponsor is a banner that displays at the bottom of the property alerts sent out to the public. This promotes brand awareness and has a click...
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