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Invisible Property Needs to be Reinstated?

Guidance from industry bodies states that properties should be withdrawn from Rightmove once the sale has completed, or the property is tenanted.
To help you maintain your stock in-line with this guidance, when a property has been marked as SSTC for 8 months, or as Let Agreed for 6 weeks, we automatically remove the property from Rightmove.
While most sales will complete within 8 months and most rental properties will be tenanted within 6 weeks, we know that’s not always the case.

Anytime we remove a property as per the above, we will email your Main branch email address to let you know.

If this property still needs to be advertised on Rightmove, simply reply to this email quoting #Undo and we’ll restore the property listing for you as soon as possible. 

We’ll then send you an email to confirm once your property is back on Rightmove, including a link to the property listing.


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