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What emails are sent on the agent’s behalf from Tenancy Manager?

Real-time notifications are sent via Tenancy Manager to speed up the move-in process and keep everyone informed at each stage.

Emails sent to the tenant on your behalf (co-branded with the Rightmove logo):

  • Confirmation of offer/prompt to sign Holding Deposit Explained
  • Prompt to pay holding deposit to the agent
  • Confirmation of holding deposit payment
  • Holding deposit refund/confirmation of tenancy withdrawal
  • Prompt to pay remaining funds (move-in monies)
  • Confirmation of remaining funds payment
  • Deposit protection documents, including a link to sign Prescribed Information
  • Sharing of tenancy documents (EPC, gas safety certificate etc)

Emails you, the agent, receive:

  • Confirmation that “Holding Deposit Explained” document has been signed
  • Confirmation that holding deposit has been paid/notification that references have been ordered
  • Confirmation that references are complete/prompt to share the tenancy agreement
  • Confirmation that tenancy agreement has been signed digitally
  • Confirmation that move-in monies have been paid
  • Invitation to sign Prescribed Information document
  • Notification that a tenancy is up for renewal in the next 3 months

You also have the option to include an automated email to your Landlord to confirm the details of the offer.

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