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Tenancy Manager

Who can access Tenancy Manager? Tenancy Manager is available to all Lead to Keys customers. You can find learn more about Lead to Keys here. Tenancy Manager is accessed via Rightmove P... How does Tenancy Manager work? For a full run through of Tenancy Manager, watch our demo video. This runs through all the stages progressing a tenancy using the tool. Can we add applicants into Tenancy Manager from other sources other than Rightmove? Yes. Enhanced Leads received via Rightmove will have the tenant’s information pre-populated, saving you time. But you can manually add details of tenants fr... How are payments processed within Tenancy Manager? We use Open Banking technology to process payments made within Tenancy Manger. We work with Ecospend to provide this service. Once a tenant has signed t... Can we use Tenancy Manager and still print & sign the tenancy agreement? Tenancy Manager is designed as an end-to-end digital flow to help you speed up the process of progressing tenancies. Sending the contract for a secure digit... Can we use our own tenancy agreement template? This is not currently on our roadmap. The standard tenancy agreement template included in Tenancy Manager has been thoroughly checked by Rightmove’s expert ... How do you add a permitted occupier on the Tenancy Overview page? You can add it to “Tenants” section on Tenancy Overview page: Click the Edit icon Click “Add a tenant” Fill out their details In the “Type” field, choo... How can we be sure we’re staying compliant when using Tenancy Manager? Tenancy Manager comes with a number of built-in compliance features to give you peace of mind.  Guarantee all essential documents are uploaded and shared ... What emails are sent on the agent’s behalf from Tenancy Manager? Real-time notifications are sent via Tenancy Manager to speed up the move-in process and keep everyone informed at each stage. Emails sent to the tenant... How do I cancel a tenancy in Tenancy Manager? You can do this at any time by clicking the “Cancel tenancy” button on the Tenancy Overview page. If you’re cancelling a tenancy after holding deposit has b...
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