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Tenancy Manager

How can I change who a tenancy is assigned to in Tenancy Manager? You can do this via the Offer form. By default, it will be assigned to the person creating the tenancy within Rightmove Plus. You can change this to any oth... How can I edit the details of a tenancy in Tenancy Manager? You can do this in two ways. When creating a new tenancy, you can edit any details within the Offer form as you go along. You’re prompted to review the ... How do I mark holding deposits paid? You can mark holding deposit as paid if applicants have paid it to you directly. To do so: Open Tenancy Overview page In "Holding deposit" stag... How do I mark monies as paid? You can mark monies as paid after they have been requested from a tenant. To do so: Open Tenancy Overview page In "Monies" stage of the tenancy... How do I resend the offer email / holding deposit explained signing link? You can resend the offer email as long as holding deposit explained document hasn't been fully signed yet. To resend it do the following: Open the ten... When is the tenancy agreement considered executed? At the start of the tenancy progression journey – in the offer confirmation email to the tenant – there’s text that reads “The landlord’s acceptance of your... What does the deposit protection email sent to tenants look like? Email has deposit protection certificate and deposit scheme leaflet as PDF attachments, and a link to prescribed information document that needs to be sig... Why can't prescribed information be signed together with contract? The reason why prescribed information can’t be signed together with contract is because prescribed information needs to be sent to tenant after protecting t... Will I (agent) be liable if the tenant does not sign prescribed information? There is no legal requirement for tenants to sign the document – it’s good practice, but not a requirement. From your perspective - as long as you can evide... How can I renew a tenancy on Tenancy Manager? Renewing a tenancy is similar to progressing a new tenancy. Think of a renewal as just another tenancy, but with only 4 progression stages instead of 7. Bef...
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