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How can I renew a tenancy on Tenancy Manager?

Renewing a tenancy is similar to progressing a new tenancy. Think of a renewal as just another tenancy, but with only 4 progression stages instead of 7. Before starting a renewal you should have an agreement with the tenant and the landlord that all parties are happy to renew the tenancy, and the terms for renewal.

  1. Once you identify the tenancy you want to renew, you can open Tenancy Overview page to see the action panel with 3 options: Renew, Roll, or Terminate.
  2. To renew the tenancy for another fixed term - click "Renew".
  3. You will then be taken to the Tenancy Overview page of the renewal tenancy. You will see the first stage of the renewal - Tenants.

  4. In the Tenants stage you need to make a decision if you want to renew the tenancy with all the same tenants, or if any of the tenants are being replaced.
    1. If renewing with the same tenants - click "Keep tenants". This will complete the Tenants stage and activate Referencing stage
    2. If any of the tenants are being replaced, click "Update tenants". This will open the Edit tenants window where you can add, delete, and update tenants. Then click "Save changes" to proceed to Referencing stage.
      1. Note: do not replace all tenants of the tenancy, so it can still be considered as a renewal. If all tenants are being replaced, you are setting up a new tenancy and should create a new tenancy instead of a renewal.
  5. You will then see Referencing stage

  6. The Referencing stage works mostly the same way as for a new tenancy. However, there are a couple of new additions:
    1. If you don't want to reference any of the tenants when renewing a tenancy, you can click "Skip" - this will skip Referencing stage entirely and activate the next stage - Contract
    2. If you do want to reference tenants, but perhaps not all tenants - you can order a partial reference on a subset of tenants. To do that click "Order references" and the select only those individuals that you want to reference.

  7. You will then see the usual Referencing stage view where the progress of each referenced individual is shown
  8. Once References are complete and everyone has passed, you will see Contract stage

  9. Contract stage works exactly the same way as for new tenancies. Before the contract is sent for signing you can change any of the tenancy details, such as tenancy start date, rent amount, etc. Once the contract is sent for signing digitally, tenancy details won't be editable anymore.
  10. After sending the contract for signing you will see the usual Contract stage view where signature status of each individual is shown.
  11. Once everyone has signed the contract, you will see Documents stage

  12. Documents stage works exactly the same as for new tenancies - once you are happy to send all documents to the tenants click "Send documents", and an email with fully signed tenancy agreement (contract), how to rent guide, and property documents (such as EPC, EICR, GSC and license) will be sent to all tenants.
  13. Once the documents are sent, the Renewal will be considered complete

Navigating between original tenancy and renewal

When renewing a tenancy, you will see a dropdown on the top right of the Tenancy Overview page.

This dropdown lets you easily switch between what was the original tenancy on Tenancy Manager and its' renewal(s). When you switch to a previous agreement in this dropdown, you will be taken to the previous version of the agreement of this tenancy. That way you can easily find all agreement terms, documents, and audit trail of exactly the agreement you need.

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