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How does User Management work?

We have launched User Management which is a self service tool with features on Rightmove Plus which means you can add, edit and remove users in near real time. The new User Management can be accessed through your Rightmove Plus account, head to the main menu and in the top left-hand corner, scroll down and you will see "User Management". 

You will only be able to view User Management if you are set up with Admin permissions. If you don't have admin permissions and would like to be set up to have access to User Management please follow this link - https://hub.rightmove.co.uk/add-edit-and-remove-users-on-rightmove-plus/

Once you have arrived at the new User Management screen, you will see a list of current users with the option to delete and edit each, as well as buttons to filter and add a new user. You will be able to see only the users for which you have admin permissions for. Please see below:

User Management is easy to use and allows you to have full control over your business' Rightmove Plus access.


How to add a user

You can add new users to your Rightmove Plus system easily through User Management and set them up with access and permissions of your choosing. Now it is quicker and easier for you to add users to Rightmove Plus, you will be able to get more of your team on Rightmove easily and make the most of your membership. 

See below a video and steps on setting up a new user to your Rightmove Plus system. 

Select the '+ Add new user' button in the top right corner, this will then load up a page for you to input the first name, last name and email address into the relevant fields and then click 'continue'. The email address entered can't be a shared email address and must be a business domain. 

Next you need to select the branches you would like the user to have access too by using the tick boxes, or you can select the entire brands worth of branches at the top. 

Now select the permissions you would like the user to have, this will be set to 'read only' for everything as default, but please select 'yes' or 'no' where required unless 'read only' is applicable. To note there is a permission option called 'Customer Admin' to make a user an admin too which sets them up with user management, if you would like one of your users to have access to add/edit and delete Rightmove Plus users please click 'yes' in this permission section. 

The final step is to review the users details including personal information, branch access and permissions given. If this is all correct please click 'create account'. If something does need changing you can click 'back' and re-visit a page to amend the changes. The user will then be sent an email inviting them to create their password once you have created the account. 

How to remove a user 

Removing users from your Rightmove Plus instantly could not be easier, you have improved visibility over your Rightmove Plus users to improve security so you can make sure only the right people can access. 

See below a video and steps on removing a user from your Rightmove Plus. 

To delete a users account, please head to the main User Management page and click 'delete' next to the users email address you want to remove. This will then delete their 2FA number and all the branches that user has access too, it is a hard delete. Please note only delete the user if this is from all access on Rightmove Plus, if you only want to remove access to particular branches then please follow the steps for editing a user. 

How to edit a user 

User Management enables you to easily edit user profiles, this allows you to manage growth and change in your business efficiently. If you have promotions or job moves, to holidays and extended time off you can easily alter your users' permission to ensure the right people can access the right functionality, products and tools, all year round. 

See below a video and steps on editing a user on Rightmove Plus. 

To edit a user, please head to the main User Management page and click 'edit' next to the user. This will then load the pages for setting up a user and you can visit any/all pages of the flow to edit the account. 

Please note if the user has more than 1 branch on their account, you can use the filter at the top to select the branch(es) you want to change the permissions for. See video below for editing a user with multiple branches.

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