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Can I renew a tenancy if I don't have it on Tenancy Manager?

If you want to renew a tenancy that you currently don't have on Tenancy Manager, you can add that tenancy as a renewal.

  1. To add a tenancy as a renewal, click the "Add tenancy" button on the Tenancy Manager dashboard
  2. You will see the familiar new tenancy form, but with an additional question at the top:

  3. Choose "Yes" if you're adding a renewal.
  4. This will modify the form slightly by removing a few unnecessary fields and let you proceed with this tenancy as a renewal rather than a new tenancy.
  5. Once you fill the tenancy details, click "Continue" which will take you to Renewal summary page
  6. You can check if all details are correct and click "Create renewal", or click "Edit renewal" in case any of the details need to be updated
  7. Once you click "Create renewal" you will be taken to Tenancy Overview page with Tenants stage completed and Referencing stage active. From here proceed with this renewal as a renewal for a tenancy on Tenancy Manager - as described above.

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