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A property is showing as new on Rightmove but I've seen it marketed before

If you have noticed a property showing as new on Rightmove that has been previously advertised, the property may be eligible for a new date.

Fall through properties

When a property has had a sale agreed which is no longer proceeding it would be classed as a sale fall through. For us to amend the date of a property due to a sale fall through, the property needs to be marketed as Sold STC or Under Offer for 7 weeks or more. To find out more about how to have a property relisted due to a sale fall through and the criteria, you can visit the page below:


Marketing break

A marketing break is when a property is removed from internet advertising for a period of time which can be for many different reasons. 

Properties for sale need to be removed for a minimum of 14 weeks and Lettings properties need to be removed for a minimum of 14 days in order for the property to automatically relist as new when it returns to the market as available. 

If a property is showing a new date outside of the above scenarios, you can raise this by sending the Rightmove property link to our dedicated Data Quality Team at dataquality@rightmove.co.uk to investigate further. 

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