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Do I need to add my Redress & CMP details to Rightmove? Yes. It is mandatory for your Redress details and membership number to be displayed within your tenancy information section on Rightmove and shows you are c... I’ve loaded a property and it’s not showing on Rightmove? There are a few reasons why your property may not be showing on Rightmove, below are some tips to help you get your properties loaded. I load my properties... Can I keep advertising a property whilst another agent has a sale progressing? You can continue to advertise a property as available if the vendor is still open to receiving offers through you, however, if the sale completes with anoth... I’m advertising a property with another agent; can I mark it as SSTC if they agreed the sale? Only the agent that has achieved the offer accepted can market the property as SSTC or Under Offer unless there is a split fee.  If you list a property as ... I am changing my software provider, what do I need to do? Things you need to know and do before the changeover: Make sure that all properties you wish to display on Rightmove are on the new software All existing... Where can I find the latest version of the Rightmove feed specifications? The latest version of our specifications can be found here. My property doesn't qualify for re-listing - what else can I do? If your property doesn't qualify for a re-listing, here are some ideas that you can try to encourage viewers. Product Options If you have some Premiu...
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